Darkness is White

In the realm of literature, where tales transcend borders, two Indonesian treasures have stirred the souls worldwide. Serat Centhini, a Javanese opus steeped in classic grandeur and encyclopedic wisdom, and La Galigo, an epic verse unfurling the genesis of Bugis civilization in sultry South Sulawesi, stand as heralds of Indonesia’s narrative tapestry. Amidst this constellation, Lempad’s artistic opus emerges as Bali’s cultural beacon, illuminating the world’s stage.

Behold, an exhibition conceived to rouse the passions of diverse souls, from the vast expanse of common folk to the connoisseurs of aesthetics, not confining to boundaries or scholarly confines. It beckons, a vibrant display of Lempad’s artistry, an interplay of humanity, tradition, and the enigmatic dance with modernity. Lempad, a true custodian of Bali’s essence, transcends his homeland’s shores, leaving an indelible mark on the collective artistic consciousness of humanity.

Behold, a meticulously woven exposition that unfurls the enigma of Lempad’s oeuvre, poised to ignite the flames of contemplation amongst the vivacious souls of today’s dawn. In this sacred space, the essence of “ngayah” shall stir the hearts of the wanderers, severed from the tapestry of yore. For Lempad, art transcends the mundane shackles of sustenance, evolving into an ethereal pilgrimage of the soul.

A master weaver of dreams, Lempad left behind an ethereal ensemble, evoking melodies of the unfinished. Purposefully suspended in the ethereal realm, each stroke yearns for completion, a testament to his reverential dance with the divine. From the depths of his muse, he whispered to the winds, entrusting future custodians to breathe life into his visions, preserving the sanctity of tradition for generations yet to unfurl their destinies.