All About Tautan

Taut Seni Foundation


Taut Seni is a community-based artistic movement of the Meaningful Generation.

This movement aims to create artistic connections to optimize the potential of young artists and art based on Indonesia’s cultural heritage, together with senior artists and the Pentahelix partners.

Thus, it becomes an ecosystem that supports the evolution of art and enhances the socio-economic impact of art based on Indonesia’s cultural wealth and unique cultural heritage.


Why Support c | artspace?

We invite individuals and institutions with a strong sense of Indonesian identity to be part of the collective movement of Taut Seni at c | artspace. By joining us, you can enjoy the following 5+ key benefits:

  1. Cool Reputation: Strengthen your reputation by supporting the resurgence of Indonesian arts and culture.
  2. Cool Contribution: Make a tangible contribution by supporting the entire Indonesian arts and culture economy, from upstream to downstream.
  3. Cool Exposure: Gain exposure through our physical venue and online platforms, reaching diverse audiences and sparking engaging conversations.
  4. Cool Interactions: Foster meaningful interactions between communities, influential government entities, and the vibrant arts and culture scene.
  5. Cool Echo: Generate content for social media and media coverage, amplifying your presence and impact across various channels.
  6. Cool Flexibility: Customize your involvement according to your preferences as a supporter of c | artspace.

Interesting Facts: The venue is located on the main entrance road of the Nusa Dua area, attracting around 4,500 visitors per event. Our digital footprint reaches millions through social media and media coverage. We encompass artists, cultural communities, the general public, influencers, government officials, academics, and the media.


  • Game and Application

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Design Communication Visual

  • Product Design

  • Fashion

  • Film, Animation, Video

  • Photography

  • Kriya

  • Kuliner

  • Music

  • Publishing

  • Advertising

  • Literature

  • Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts

  • Television & Radio

  • Oral Traditions

  • Manuscript

  • Customs and Traditions

  • Rites

  • Pengetahuan Tradisional

  • Traditional Knowledge

  • Arts

  • Languages

  • Folk Games

  • Culinary

  • Traditional Sports

  • Young Art - Culture Performers

  • Senior Art - Culture Performers

  • Pentahelix Stakeholders

  • From all over Indonesia.

Collaborative Linkages
Anticipating Impact
  1. Providing various diversity of cultural expressions and promoting interactions to strengthen culture inclusively.
  2. Preserving and developing the values, expressions, and practices of traditional culture to strengthen national culture.
  3. Nurturing and harnessing cultural richness to enhance Indonesia’s position in the international arena.
  4. Leveraging cultural advancement initiatives to improve societal well-being.
  5. Advancing Indonesia’s cultural heritage, protecting biodiversity, and strengthening the ecosystem.
  6. Optimizing institutional strengthening and cultural budgeting to support arts and cultural programs.
  7. Supporting the Government, Academia, Private Sector, and Media as facilitators of cultural advancement through collaborative efforts.


Connector. Building a community of innovative young people across sectors with the intention of optimizing the economic potential of Indonesian arts and culture.

Collaborator. Activating young individuals to collaborate, explore, develop, and market products/services based on the creative economy.

Coordinator. Bringing together innovative young arts and culture communities with academia, private sector, government, and media.

Communicator. Disseminating inspirational-educational content and innovative links based on the economic potential of arts and culture through online/offline platforms and publications.

Conceptualizer. Creating purposeful solutions for the advancement of Indonesian arts and culture suitable for CSR funding, grants, sponsorship, investment, and more.

Why Support

Unearthing: Supporting the exploration of the economic potential of Indonesian arts and culture.

Training: Supporting training programs for individuals involved in the arts and culture economy in Indonesia.

Development: Supporting the innovation of value-added products/services in Indonesian arts and culture.

Activation: Supporting the activation of collaborative actions based on Indonesian arts and culture.

Amplification: Supporting the online/offline amplification of the inspirational potential of Indonesian arts and culture.

How to Support

Empowerer: Supporting as Experts, Institutions, or Volunteers for sustainable empowerment activities.

Funder: Supporting as Patrons, Donors, CSR Funders, Grantors, and others for the advancement of the Indonesian economy.

Amplifier: Supporting as Media Partners and Communities to amplify inspiration to young arts and cultural practitioners.

Specific benefits can be tailored to meet the needs of supporters of this movement.

Taut Seni Foundation

Social Movement (Impact + Credibility):

  1. Website/Blog and Social Media.
  2. Community and Database.
  3. Taut Seni Hub.
  4. Academy/Training.
  5. Festival/Contest/Awards.
  6. Art Space/Theater.
  7. Others.

Social Entrepreneurship

1. Product/Arts Program.
2. TV Program Movie/Books.
3. Café/Shop/Hotel/Co-working.
4. Merchandise/Product.
5. Talent Management.
6. Events/Ticketing.
7. Others.

Potential Funding Sources: CSR/Grants, Patrons, Sponsors, Sales, Fees, Licensing, Investors.

  1. Hybrid Media.
  2. Inspirational Content.
  3. Educational Activation.
  4. Taut Seni Community.
  5. Inclusive Collaboration.
  6. Meaningful Creations.
  7. Investor Partners


Fuel your passion for art by engaging in diverse programs and activities offered by Yayasan Taut Seni. Stay connected with us and explore further information by getting to know us or reaching out to us through the buttons below.